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Bali Surfing Lesson is Affiliate of Odysseys Surf School, established in Bali on October 2003 and supported by: Academy of Surfing Instructors Australia, Oakley, Hard Rock Cafe, Surftime-Surf Mag

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Resolved Question
Which surfing school in Bali is the best - especially for beginners
(instructors, location, safety)?

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My recommendation will be Odysseys Surf School. I just been to Bali last October and attended Beginner surfing Lesson with them. The location is at Kuta Beach Bali. The best beach for beginners. They provide transportation from Hotel and back to Hotel which make it more convenient. They fetched us from hotel at 8:30(two session:morning(9-12 am), afternoon (1-4 pm). They provided all the necessary equipment. Started with some safety briefing and theory(30 mins). After that we practice some balancing in the swimming pool first. After some practice and we were ready to go to the sea. In the sea, the instruction was one to one and one photographer. They gave a very clear instruction. After three times tried I manage surf well. The experience was fantastic. I was glad that they have a photographer stand by so can catch every shot so nice as a sweet memory. One of the student in our group was not very good in balancing. The instructor was patient and make sure she could stand and surf. We were very stisfied with their services. At the end of the day we brought back a cert, all the photo and some unforgettable memories.

Other Answers
Odyssey Surf School is supported by Academy of Surfing Instructors Australia, Oakley, Hard Rock Cafe, Surftime-Surf Mag, and if you look at the pics on their website, it looks like a lot of foreigners have joined in the fun. It's located in Kuta, which is a very popular surfing spot and beach in Bali.
The site offers pictures and links to the instructors as well.

Other Student Comment

Friday, January 11, 2008
copying from:

Odysseys surf school, Kuta
GJ finally got to introduce the girls to his childhood passion…surfing!

We both grew up on the beach; me on Sydney’s Northern beaches and GJ on Queensland’s Bribie Island in a house 50 m from the surf. Going to the beach and surfing or watching friends surf was a way of life.

The girls childhood has been quiet beach-less.
Brisbane is on a river and a the closest surf beach is over an hours drive away.
Jakarta has surf beaches within a three to four hours drive….little bit too far for a quick surf.

We found a brochure for surf school on arrival at the airport, the girls were cautiously excited, GJ was filled with enthusiasm.

After leaving me with a tired, screaming, tantrum throwing, disappointed boy they set off in the surf school bus. Ben swimming is not up to Kuta beach and surfing this year, he was not impressed!

The instructor, Ketut was excellent; happy, friendly, calm and patient. Georgia was a little hesitant but soon forgot her fears and took to it like a pro. GJ went in too and helped one while the instructor was with the other girl.

I couldn’t watch……I prefer to have my kids in full life vests surrounded by a team of life guards in water no deeper than knee high. So watching them surf at Kuta beach was not so good for my sanity.

GJ was very impressed with the surf school, we would definitely use them again as well as recommend them. The girls now insist that we cancel all activities for the rest of our visit to Bali and just surf…….
The school also has a photographer and sells CD’s of images at the end.

Mrs Sharon Han
Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank you very much for accommodating to our request for later transfer back to hotel. Our children enjoyed the surfing lessons and I think your instructor is very pleasant and patience with children. I've mentioned about your company to conceige at conrad and hope they will send their guest to your school instead. Thank you once again.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Putan is a good trainer, With his help I am able to surf and Stand up to surf board thank you

Mon, Dec 22, 2008

konnichiwa. NAOKO desu.
12gatu10nichi ni SURF SCHOOL de osewa ni narimashita. doumo?arigatou. totemo tanoshikatta desu. mata BALI e itta tokiwa onegaishimasu.

minasan shinsetuni shitekurete hontouni arigatou.

KETUT no E-mail adress ni okurenakatta node kochirani mail shimashita. E-mail adress oshietekudasai. From NAOKO TAKEUCHI


Julia Koling

Bali Surfing Lesson is Affiliate of Odysseys Surf School
Located at Mercure Kuta Hotel Arcade
Jl Pantai Kuta, Kuta - Bali
phone (0361) 7420763, 7411856
fax : (0361) 763 026

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